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The Art of Candle Making

Posted: 24th March 2023

Candles are one of the easiest and most satisfying pieces of home décor you can create yourself. Candle making is an extremely rewarding activity, allowing you to design home décor

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How to Make Sloe Gin

Posted: 25th January 2023

When purchasing a bottle in the liquor aisle, sloe gin might not be your first choice. But it’s a wonderful drink when you make your own or receive a bottle

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Sparkling Mead: A How To Guide

Posted: 24th January 2023

Sparkling mead is a delicious beverage at any time of the year. It makes for a refreshing cool drink in the summer months and can feel warm and inviting in

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How to Make a Reed Diffuser for Your Home

Posted: 16th December 2022

A reed diffuser is a wonderful way to fill your indoor space with alluring scents and aromas, without the risk that open flames pose. Many reed diffusers available on the

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How to make Gooseberry Jam

Posted: 25th November 2022

With berry picking season nearly upon us, now is the best time to prepare some delicious recipes at home. One of the most succulent fruits available to pick is the

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Decorated Bottles: Create a Truly Unique Gift

Posted: 21st November 2022

Bottles make a great gift idea, especially if you have filled them with your own homemade wine, jam, or reed diffuser. A decorated bottle can be an excellent way to

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How Do You Decoupage Glass Jars

Posted: 31st May 2022

If you want to brighten up your plain jars and cups, why not consider decoupaging them? Decoupaging is a craft technique that glues decorative paper or fabric to a surface,

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Glass Bottle Ideas for The Craft Enthusiast

Posted: 28th April 2022

Too many people end up throwing their glass bottles away when they are finished using them, however, there is no need to waste this good quality glass since you can

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Instructions: Making Elderflower Champagne

Posted: 28th April 2022

For a drink that truly embodies the season of spring, elderflower champagne is at the top of the list. This bubbly and lightly alcoholic beverage has been a favourite for

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Wine Making: Yeast

Posted: 16th March 2022

While wine has been made for thousands of years, the use of yeast for fermentation is much more recent. Wine makers over time observed the fermentation process at work but

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