Create your own wax candles

Are you curious to learn how to make your own candles? This ancient tradition can be traced back for thousands of years. A growing number of do-it-yourself enthusiasts have once again been enticed by such a unique and innovative process. The good news is that you do not have to be an expert to create some truly stunning (and functional) candles. Let’s take a quick look at what candle making equipment you will need as well as what steps are involved with the process itself.

make your own candles

Essential Candle Making Supplies

Thankfully, the supplies required to craft your own candles are easy to obtain. These include:

  • The wax to be melted.
  • The wick.
  • A container to be used as a mould.
  • A sturdy pot to melt the wax.

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The Candle-Making Process at a Glance

Assuming that you have obtained all of the materials mentioned above, the next step is to make your own candles. First, place the wick within the centre of the vessel that you have chosen (making sure that the metallic ring is at the bottom). You will then need to melt the wax in the pot. This can be accomplished with a stove or through the use of a hot plate. Hot plates are often more effective due to the fact that you can accurately control their temperature. Once the wax is fully melted, you may add colouring or fragrance if desired. Finally, pour the molten wax into the container. Ensure that the wick remains in the centre us using skewers placed atop the vessel.

Final Steps

You will then need to allow the wax to dry completely. Cooling times will vary depending upon the type of wax as well as the size of the container. Assuming that the candle has fully hardened, you can cut the upper wick to the desired length (generally no more than one inch).

If you wish to make more complicated creations, take a look at the possibility of attending a candle making courses online or at a local community centre. Still, the process itself is rather straightforward. It is entirely possible to make your own candles in no time at all.

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