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Wine Bottles

Clear Glass Bottles – Green Wine Bottles

Whether you are a craft enthusiast or you are planning on some homemade brewing, clear glass bottles are your best choice. Our quality wine bottles are great for storing delicious homemade fruit wine, juice or other drinks. Likewise, they can also be used for a range of storage solutions and craft projects.

At The Bottle Jar Store we sell a selection of wine bottles perfect for any need. Our wholesale bottles come in clear and treated glass and will be a stylish addition to any collection. Take a look at our range of bottles below to find what best suits you.

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Clear Glass Bottles for Wine Making

Perhaps the most common use for these bottles is when making homemade wines, in particular fruit wines. You can use a variety of citric fruits to make wine including apples, blackberries, cherries and more. To make a fruit wine you will need 450g of sugar or honey, 3.5 litres of boiling water, 2 drops of pectic enzyme, 900g of ripened fruit and a packet of wine yeast.

To make the wine, combine the sugar, water and pectic enzyme. Place the sliced fruit into a fermentation bag and submerge it in the mixed solution. Cover the bag and mix and store it in a cool and dry place for a day. Afterwards, add yeast to the mix and keep it covered for a further 5-6 days. Press and squish the bag once a day to aid the process. After this period remove the bag and pulp. Let the liquid drain, discard the pulp and cover again for a few more days.

Siphon the liquid into a carboy and fit it with an airlock, allowing about 10cm of space between the liquid and the bottom of the airlock. Store in a cool and dark place at less than 20°C for a month and then siphon it into a new, clean carboy. Repeat the process after three months, then after six months if all bubbles have disappeared siphon it into a large glass bottle for either immediate use or further storage and ageing. Remember to experiment with your process and mix to achieve the taste you want.

Wholesale Bottles for Hobbies and Crafts

While our large glass bottles are most commonly used for making alcohol, there is a wide range of uses for our bottles. These include:

  • Decorative lanterns, torches and candle holders.
  • Painted centrepieces and vases.
  • Bird feeders and plant holders.
  • Model ships and boats
  • Storage for food, spices, perfumes and soaps, and other supplies.

How you decide to use our clear glass bottles is entirely up to you. With such versatility, our wholesale bottles can be used for any purpose you need.

The Bottle Jar Store

At The Bottle Jar Store we offer a range of bottles and jars for a range of domestic and commercial uses. From large glass bottles to small jars and lids, we offer a wide selection of products as well as oenological products & machinery for winemaking. To find out more browse through our online store or contact us today.