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Glass Bottles

Empty Glass Bottles

This category has everything from miniature 50ML capacity bottles to large 750ml nocturnes and everything in between. The elegantly designed bottles offer versatility and value,  with plenty of creative potential.  Many of our bottles are popular for arts and crafts use as well as storing drinks and fragrances.

Each of our bottle sub-categories has plenty of options to choose from, so you can find the ideal shape and design for your needs. The beer bottles category ranges from amber bottles for a classic beer bottle look, to ceramic bottles for a premium experience. There are also mini kegs for storing your home-brewed beer.

Glass Bottle Manufacturers

If you’re looking for premium glass bottles, you’ll find everything you need in our great range of products. There’s a huge variety of shapes and sizes to choose from that are perfect for plenty of uses, including:

The home fragrance category ranges from standard rounded herbalist bottles that are ideal for keeping fragrances and reed diffuser sticks to shaped bottles that make for the perfect gift.

The sprits category has the most choice, with a range of sizes and shapes to store your drink of choice, whether that’s whiskey, vodka, rum or something else. These are available in clear or ceramic finishes in plenty of different designs for a huge choice of looks.

Our wine bottles are also available in clear bottles, ideal for white wines and rose, along with green bottles that are perfect for red. These come in standard shapes along with a more vintage rounded look from the Spumante Astro bottle.

If it’s craft use, you’re looking for, every category has something suitable. Popular uses include bottles as vases for flower displays, tall spirit bottles as candle holders, and as a blank canvas to create glass paintings on.