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Home Fragrance

 Candle Jars – Empty Candle Containers & Diffuser Bottles

Making fragrances and scenting candles at home is a rewarding hobby. Which can save you a fortune on the high street.  Nothing gives pleasure quite like a homemade gift in a home fragrance jar.

Our bottles and candle holders will enhance the appeal. Of one of your fragrances, candles or other products given as presents.

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Creating perfumes and fragrances at home is becoming an increasingly popular pastime.

A little know how is all it takes. The Bottle Jar Store can supply your candle jars wholesale or retail with whatever quantity suits you.

Our glass candle jars are a great way to show off your scented candles. As you can see from the photographs, they are made of the finest quality glass. As is our stylish selection of fragrance jars and perfume bottles.

Our customers tell us we have some of the best and most competitively priced products on the market. Whether you are looking for glass diffuser bottles, containers for your fragrances or jars for your wax candles, we will have what you need.

Perfume bottles and jars

One of our largest bottles is the Herbalist at 700ml. This Herbalist is reminiscent of the jars in a Victorian chemist shop, with the exception that it is made from clear glass. Besides storing fragrance, perhaps for dispensing into smaller bottles, it’s ideal to use for flavouring spirits, such as sloe gin or caramel vodka. The Herbalist is also available in 200ml and 500ml sizes.

The Chiara at 500ml is the largest perfume bottle we stock. It is cylinder-shaped with bevelling at its shoulders. You can use it for other purposes, such as flavoured oils or even bottling your home brew beer.

The Gardi holds 200ml which makes it perfect for storing small amounts of fragrance for scenting homemade candles or making reed diffusers. The Gardi is rectangular and made from clear glass. These bottles look great filled with fruit wine or home-made sauce.

The Mystic is our small, 50ml, cube shaped bottle with a large base dimple. It’s eye-catching and quirky and will certainly attract attention. It is a good diffuser bottle too.

Glass Candle Jars

Our glass candle jars come in 300ml and 500ml. The simplicity of design in our candle jars brings elegance. You can burn wax candles safely without fear of cracking, leaks or breakage. They are equally good for putting a tea light or pillar candle in.

We associate votive candles with prayer; a candle you might use in a small shrine. Or against a photo of a loved one who is particularly in your thoughts. They are made of the same high-quality material as our candle jars.