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Fermentation Nutrients


Yeast is an essential ingredient when it comes to the malolactic fermentation of wine. Yeast helps facilitate the alcoholic fermentation process, turning sugars into alcohol. It also helps determine the overall flavour of the wine. However, unhealthy yeast can end up ruining the fermentation process and result in unpleasant or undesired flavours.

By adding nutrients to your yeast, you can ensure it is healthy enough to successfully ferment your wine. Here at The Bottle Jar Store, we stock a selection of brewing nutrients for fermenting wine and beer. Our products are the perfect choice for home wine makers and microbreweries. Take a look through our range, and you will see why you should choose us as your winemaking supplies store.

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How Nutrients Aid Yeast Health

Brewing nutrients contain the vital components needed by yeast in order to properly aid in the malolactic fermentation of wine. Yeast needs amino acids, nitrogen, fatty acids, and vitamins in order to ferment alcohol. If these are not present in the alcoholic fermentation process, the results will be less than ideal. Nutrients added to the yeast during fermentation will help ensure it remains healthy enough to properly ferment the alcohol and achieve the desired results.

What Do Yeast Nutrients Contain?

There are different varieties of yeast nutrient mixes, each containing different compounds. However, some of the common compounds found in yeast include:

  • Diammonium Phosphate: This ingredient contains free amino nitrogen, which is vital for yeast health. This is often the main ingredient found in many yeast blends.
  • Yeast Hulls: These are dead yeast parts that release lipids and fatty acids, which help in new yeast cell production.
  • Vitamins: These help in cell growth and production. Some important vitamins include Thiamin and Biotin, which are commonly used in winemaking.
  • Magnesium and Zinc: These help increase the overall cell count and aid in the metabolism of the yeast.

When Should I Use Yeast Nutrients?

You may need nutrients if you are making a high-gravity beer (8% or higher), as the yeast will have to work harder to ferment alcohol on its own. Likewise, if the beer has a high amount of adjuncts (25% or higher), such as those from plain sugar. Yeast nutrients are also vital if you are a home winemaker. Many country wines, for example, are made of mostly simple sugars that are not nutrient-dense. Therefore, it is crucial to add yeast nutrients in order to help the malolactic fermentation of wine to achieve the best outcome.

The Bottle Jar Store

Here at The Bottle Jar Store, we have a reputation for supplying high-quality wine-making and beer-brewing supplies.

We carry a wide range of oenological products for the production of wine, including yeasts and enzymes, as well as a range of top-quality glassware. When you purchase from us, we ensure that all items will be delivered safely to your home by courier.

Please visit our winemaking supply store or contact us online should you need more information.