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When it comes to fermenting wine, we offer a wide selection of wine yeast here at The Bottle Jar Store. Whether you’re making wine at home or brewing beer in a microbrewery, our products are the perfect solution for all your oenological needs. Browse through our selection below, and you’ll see why you should choose us for your winemaking supplies.

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Wine yeast is one of the most common additives used to improve the quality of wines. Wine-making yeast helps prevent the alcohol from going bad during the fermentation process while also bringing out the best flavours and aromas. Brewers yeast is one of the best ways to safeguard your batch against the risk of spoilage during the fermentation process.

How is wine yeast different from other types of yeast?

Not all types of yeast are the same, and wine-making yeast is much better suited for alcohol fermentation than the yeast used for baking and breadmaking. For a start, yeast for wine is better at fermenting sugars and turning them into alcohol compared to baking yeast, which takes longer and has a less effective fermentation process. In addition, yeasts for wine are less susceptible to sulphites, less at risk of contaminating organisms, and better at producing delicious flavours and aromas. Therefore, while baking yeast is perfect for balancing the nutrients in grains and dough, it is a poor substitute for brewers yeast which works well with fruit nutrients.

Our Yeast Products

Here are some of the products we offer for use in wine-making:

  • Actiflore – This is a fermentation restarter with a neutral, clean aromatic profile. It offers extreme resistance to alcohol, adapts well to lower-temperature fermentations, and produces low SO2.
  • Mannospark – A yeast cell wall mannoprotein used in the colloidal and tartaric stabilisation of sparkling wine products. Helps preserves the effervescence in a range of vinification methods as well as its filterability.
  • Powerlees – This formulation is designed to conserve and refresh wines while undergoing the ageing process. It protects wines from oxidation and slows down the consumption of oxygen while also refreshing the aromatic qualities of oxidised wines.
  • Zymaflore – made for wines with high organoleptic complexity. Enhances the aromatic qualities of the wine with significant length and volume on the palate. Suitable for white, red and rose wines that have superior organoleptic complexity.

The Bottle Jar Store

We offer a wide range of yeast products for making wine at The Bottle Jar Store. Your wine will taste better, smell better, and have a much improved overall quality as a result of each product we manufacture. Additionally, we offer many oenological products, such as preservatives, tannins, and fining agents, as well as equipment and products for the microbrewery industry, such as bottle caps, lids, corks and bottles. You can learn more about our range of yeast products for wine-making and other brewing additives and equipment.