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Round Glass Jars

For any home cook, making jams, marmalades and preserves is a classic part of kitchen craft. You reap the tasty rewards of your work at a fraction of the high street cost. But once your produce has cooled, you’ll need jars to store it.

Our range of round jars gives you plenty of ways to store everything from jams to craft supplies. Alternatively, they can be used as the base of your next craft project. Coming in a range of sizes, they can be kept in the cupboard or on the table.

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Round Jars for Cookery and Craft

At The Bottle Jar Store, you’ll find a range of bottles and jars to suit any home cooking, crafting or brewing you can dream of. Our collection of round jars are particularly perfect for any budding creator of jams and preserves.

Firstly, our round Vaso Orcio jars come in a range of larger sizes perfect for storing larger quantities of jam. Their size makes them simple to label, and perfect for the pantry or marketplace. Other uses around the kitchen include using them as marinading jars. On top of storing food, with some craftwork, you can turn these jars into money tins or stationary holders. Of course, you can also put these jars to use for much more than storage.

The size of these Orcio jars makes them perfect for drinking out of as well as jam jar glasses. Also, you could even decorate the outside of them with etchings. Alternatively, with some more modification, you could turn these jars into candle holders or luminaries brimming with charm. They also make great flower vases, for those who want to pursue a rustic look.

Alongside the Orcio Vasa range, we stock a range of smaller preserving jars for UK customers. Our small Bonta jam jars and glasses range in size from 125ml to 314ml. The smallest of these jars is perfect for the breakfast table and is a great way to present your home jams and preserves with professional style.

Endless Choice at The Bottle Jar Store

If you plan on incorporating round jars into your next craft or cookery project, be sure to check out our wide range of jar lids. These come in a variety of colours, which alongside some personalised labelling can help you crown and bottle up your hard work with style.

Finally, if you’re looking for beer, wine, perfume bottles, jam jars or preserving jars in the UK, you’ve come to the right place. Across our website, you’ll find a massive range of glasses and jars for every kind of craft project: whether for you craft means beers or art. So, give The Bottle Jar Store’s full range a browse for endless choice and inspiration. Feel free to enquire with any questions.