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Spirit Bottles

Spirit & Liquor Bottles

Whether you are a brewer, crafter or just want a sturdy container. You need a good quality spirit bottle. Quality glass bottles are ideal for micro-breweries and distilleries. To create unique and distinctive packaging for products. Also great for craft enthusiasts who can use them for a variety of creative hobbies.

At The Bottle Jar Store we have a range of glass alcohol bottles.  That are perfect for your needs. We offer bottles in a variety of shapes and sizes. To provide both practicality and style for any use. View our range of liquor bottles. To find the one that is right for you.

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Glass Alcohol Bottles for Brewing

Probably the most popular use for our glass bottle range is for brewing alcohol. Both commercially and at home. Using our products as homemade liquor bottles. Is an easy and straightforward process.

  1. Just fill your bottle with the fruit of your choice and add sugar.
  2. Add vodka to fill your spirit bottle and seal it tight.
  3. Ensuring it is properly labelled and dated.
  4. Keep it stored for three months.
  5. Turning it daily until the fruit has dissolved.
  6. After three months remove any remaining fruit pieces, making sure the alcohol itself remains in the bottle.

Once done, either keep them for personal use. or label them for gifting or selling.

Spirit Bottles For Crafts And Hobbies

Our glass alcohol bottles do not have to be used exclusively for brewing alcohol. There are many different uses for our liquor bottles. For any creative types out there. Some uses for our bottles include:

  • Bottles for building miniature model ships and boats.
  • Holders for flowers and plants when gardening.
  • Decorative ornaments and vases with the use of paint and fabrics.
  • Holders for lamps and candles.

The ways in which our bottles can be used in creative projects. Is up to the imagination of the individual hobbyist. With a wide range of bottle shapes and sizes available. You can find a style that suits your crafting needs.

More Uses For Liquor Bottles

Our spirit bottles have a range of uses beyond brewing and crafting. Some other potential uses for our bottles include:

  • Storing fruit, nuts, sweets and other small food items. For personal use, gifting or selling.
  • Holding pins, buttons and other crafting supplies.
  • Storing spices, herbs and other products. For use in cooking.
  • For use as perfume bottles, soap dispensers and other toiletries.

Our bottles are very versatile. You can use them for storing many different items and products. With such a wide selection of styles available. You can  find a bottle that will suit your storage needs.

About The Bottle Jar Store

At The Bottle Jar Store we have been supplying our clients with a range of products since 2011. From unique glass alcohol bottles to jars.  And oenological products for wine making to machinery for home brewing.

We have a range of products to meet all your needs. To find out more contact our friendly team or buy online today.

For attractive quality glass bottles try The Bottle Jar Store today.