About The Bottle Jar Store

We’ve been supplying our satisfied customers with an extensive variety of glass products since 2011. Whether you need bottles, jars, lids, oenological products, or machinery, you can find a comprehensive range along with extensive industry knowledge here.

Our products have been used by a variety of customers for many different uses, including start-ups, distilleries, country shows agencies needing bottles for a show and the BBC for Peaky Blinders.

Our extensive variety of bottles and jars and our knowledge of the industry have helped to build this strong customer base, with any need you can think of covered by one of our products.

Bottles & Jars

Our bottles come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, perfect for plenty of uses, including square and rectangular bottles great for samples, scents spirits and beer, liqueur and wine bottles for drinks. The range also includes miniature bottles, nocturne bottles, swing tops, and oil drizzlers.

Our range of jars comes in lots of shapes and sizes, perfect for plenty of uses. Whether you need jam, honey or mason jars, or jars for pickling and preserves, our selection has everything you’ll need – if you can’t find what you’re looking for online, get in touch as we keep plenty of other options in stock.

Oenological products & machinery

As well as bottles and jars, we also provide a range of oenological products and machinery. Our oenological range includes everything you need for winemaking, including yeasts, nutrients, enzymes, preservatives, stability and fining agents, all from our unique supply of lafazym products from Laffort. These products are used in oenology to optimise the production of wine, and you can exclusively purchase Laffort’s products from us.

Our machinery range features kegs, tools, labelling machines, and more. Every product that we supply is guaranteed to be of the highest quality with warranties so you’re fully covered in the unlikely event that something should go wrong.

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