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Miniature Bottles

Small Glass Bottles

For the tiny things in our lives, these small glass bottles are the perfect storage solution. Our range of 50ml glass bottles. Are ideal for use as liqueur or spirit bottles that can be stored for personal use, gifted or sold.

Mini glass bottles can be used for packaging other products such as spices, perfumes, small crafting supplies. Such as beads and pins, and much more. Miniature bottles save space on storage. Are cost-effective and offer attractive design choice.

At the Bottle Jar Store we have a selection of small bottles that are perfect for your storage needs.

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Our Range of Small Glass Bottles

We have several excellent mini glass bottles. Suitable for any small storage purpose. Each glass bottle comes in a range of design choices. From rounded and cylindrical styles. Which are perfect as alcohol miniatures. Through to bolder rectangular and cubic shapes.

All our bottles are made from strong clear glass. And feature a screw-style neck for easy capping. Available in glass bottles of 50ml plus, 100ml sizes available for Nocturne bottles.

We offer the following:

  • Aspect bottles have a clear glass cylindrical style. With a sleek, sophisticated look.
  • Gardi bottles feature a rectangular design. With bevelled sides for added simplicity.
  • Mystic bottles are formed into perfect cubes. With striking bold lines and flat sides. For effortless labelling.
  • Nocturne bottles with their classic cylindrical design. Are one of the most popular sale items.
  • Pacho bottles offer the simplicity of traditional cylindrical glass bottles. With elegantly bevelled shoulders and base.
  • Serenade bottles feature a longer, sleeker cylindrical contour. That easily catches the eye.

Whether used for bottling consumables, home fragrances, or anything else. These bottles offer compact and cost effective storage solutions.

Standard prices apply for purchases between one and nine bottles. Discounted rates apply for purchases between 10-49, 50-99, 100-199 and over 200.

Advantages of using Small Glass Bottles

There are a number of reasons why mini glass bottles are a great investment for storage purposes including:

  • 50ml glass bottles are compact and much easier for storing small items than large, bulky jars and bottles.
  • Small glass bottles of 50ml are a more cost effective storage solution for small items than larger, more expensive containers where space is wasted.
  • If gifting or selling alcohol or other consumables, miniature bottles make great samplers for those who may want to try before committing to a full size bottle.
  • Small bottles of consumables are popular when travelling or in gift baskets due to their compact size and attractive design.
  • Alcohol miniatures of 50ml are the perfect size for meals or mixing drinks.

These are just a few of the advantages that make miniature bottles a popular storage solution, for small items.

The Bottle Jar Store

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