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Bottle Caps

To keep your jars and bottles safe and secure it is crucial that you have the best quality bottle caps. Here at The Bottle Jar Store we have a fine range of 28 x 15 mm aluminium ROPP caps in a variety of colours.

Each product category will give you a single box of 5200 hot fill bottle caps. All caps come in either black, gold, green, metallic blue, silver or white. Please browse our selection of metal bottle caps below.

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Benefits of Metal Bottle Caps

Aluminium bottle caps are used for covers on a range of products. From wine to medicine bottles, ROPP caps create the perfect seal that keeps contents safe while also being attractive in appearance. Compared to plastic bottle caps, aluminium caps have a number of benefits:

  • Aluminium caps are much easier and much less costly to produce than plastic caps while still maintaining high functionality.
  • While still easier and cheaper to produce, aluminium caps require stricter processing requirements than plastic ones. This results in a much more reliable end product.
  • Aluminium is 100% reusable and recyclable. This allows aluminium caps to be reused many times, lowering production costs and using less overall energy to produce.
  • Aluminium caps have good oxidation resistance which helps ensure the product has a much longer shelf life. This makes them a great choice for wine bottles over the traditional cork.
  • Wine bottle caps made from aluminium allow the wine to mature more slowly than cork based ones. Also, they have been found to contribute to the consistency of the wine’s flavour and eliminate the smell produced by “cork taint”
  • Products that use aluminium caps generally have greater brand recognition due to the overall appearance and unique qualities of the material.
  • Finally, aluminium caps have a high gloss material that has excellent corrosion resistance, keeping the bottle undamaged over time.

Further Uses For ROPP Caps

Although we primarily use our metal bottle caps for sealing jars and bottles, there are other ways you can use them:

  • Art and crafts such as hanging ornaments, magnets, sculptures, and wind chimes.
  • Jewellery such as rings, earrings, key chains, and necklaces.
  • Pieces for games such as draughts.
  • Containers for small candles, paint or pincushions.
  • Lures used for fishing.
  • Materials used to decorate tables, coasters, picture frames and more.

Here at the Bottle Jar Store we offer a vast choice of glass storage products that have a wide range of uses. With a huge variety of bottles, jars, caps and more to choose from we have built a reputation for high-quality products. In addition to storage products we also stock a range of oenological supplies for use in winemaking. All our products are available to purchase with 100% secure payment shipped straight to your door by courier. Please visit our store for more details or to find out more from our knowledgeable team contact us online. For high-quality bottle and jar, products speak with us at The Bottle Jar Store today.