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Hexagonal Jars

Geometric Jars

If you need glass containers with a little extra visual appeal, hexagonal jars are the perfect choice. Here at The Bottle Jar Store we offer an extensive range of glass jam jars.

Choose from an attractive variety of shapes and styles, from traditional round jars to eye-catching geometric jars at great prices.

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Making an impact

The first thing customers see when they’re browsing is how a product looks. That’s why it’s so vitally important to stand out from the crowd. Your product may contain the best ingredients ever. But if people aren’t tempted to pick it up and read the label, they won’t know that. If you’re looking for jars with a visual edge, hexagon glass jars are the ideal solution.

They’re ideal for use in the home, too. For chutney and jam makers they offer an attractive way to store your creations. You could even organise your shelves with round jars for sweet and geometric jars for savoury. In fact, there are countless uses for these appealing glass jam jars.

Storing food items

Geometric jars are commonly used to store edible things like sauces, chutneys and jams. Many more people are now creating this kind of produce for themselves. As a result there is more demand for practical and attractive storage containers. Hexagonal jars are ideal for products such as jam, marmalade, honey and sweet sauces. But you can also use larger sizes for storing and displaying sweets, chocolates and other types of confectionary.

These jars are also ideal for keeping pickles and preserves. But you’re not limited to things you’ve made yourself. They also offer great storage for nuts, dried fruit, pulses and grains and even coffee beans. In addition, the striking appearance of the jars makes them much more attractive to keep on display.

Items for sale

If you’re running a craft or food business, hexagon glass jars place your product at an advantage. Their unusual shape implies better quality, and that’s what customers are looking for. Hexagonal jars are the perfect choice for artisan sauces and chutneys. Our 190ml version provides the ideal container for specialist mustards and other condiments.

Geometric jars also make great containers for crafted items such as candles, bath salts and soaps. They can be personalised with handmade labels to add to their visual appeal. Decorating them with ribbon, coarse string or hessian will add an attractive rustic look, which is popular with shoppers.

The Bottle Jar Store

Here at The Bottle Jar Store we specialise in the supply of quality glass products. Since 2011 we’ve been providing our customers with bottles and jars to suit their specific needs. The range of shapes and sizes we offer is extensive, and is designed for a wide variety of uses. For bottles and jars at cost-effective prices we’re the obvious choice.

We’re happy to share our knowledge and experience with customers through our online enquiry form. If you can’t see what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help.