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To create complex and dry flavours in wines, winemakers use flavonoids known as tannins in their products. Tannins occur naturally and can be found in a variety of plants, fruits, and nuts. When extracted they can be added to various foods to improve their flavours, including spices, chocolate, and, of course, wine.

Here at The Bottle Jar Store, we offer an excellent selection of wine tannins and microbrewery equipment for improving the flavour of your wine. Our products are ideal for wine-making at home as well as for microbreweries. Take a look at our selection to discover why you should consider us for all your winemaking supplies.

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What Are Wine Tannins?

Tannins, or tannic acid, are polyphenols that occur naturally in the plant world. They can be found in various fruits, leaves and wood and give plants an acidic taste that makes them unpleasant to insects and other potential invaders. However, when extracted from these plants and added to foods they can create unique flavours that are pleasant to taste. For example, you can find tannins in coffee and dark chocolate, which gives them their bitter but delicious flavours. Tannins are most commonly found in red wine, although they can be found in some white wines, especially those aged in wooden barrels. They help give wines a dry and complex flavour that works well when combined with certain foods.

Health Benefits of Wine Tannins

  • Tannins contain antioxidants that can help reduce the symptoms of inflammation and may even be good for the heart and protect cells from oxidative damage.
  • The growth of many types of bacteria and viruses is inhibited by tannins. The antimicrobial and antibacterial qualities of tannins help protect against potential infections and help improve the shelf life of wines.
  • Tannins can help balance blood sugar levels in the body. The glucose-lowering effects of tannins can be beneficial for those suffering from type 2 diabetes.
  • Blood pressure can be lowered when tannins are consumed, which can help improve heart health and reduce hypertension.
  • Tannins as well as other polyphenols can promote blood clotting. This can help reduce bleeding and aid in the healing process where injury or surgery has occurred.

Our Tannin Products

Here are some of the tannin products we have available for winemaking:

  • Quertanin –Extracted from oak heartwood and used for ageing red, white and rose wines. Protects wines from oxidation and eliminates reductive odours.
  • Tanfresh –A preparation of proanthocyanidin and oak ellagic tannins for ageing white and rose wines. Regulates oxi-reduction and improves clarification.
  • Tanin Galalcool –The purified extract of garlic tannins with physiochemical properties useful for white and rose must vinification. Improves clarification and reduces oxidation processes.
  • Tanspark –A solution of garlic and chestnut tannins used in sparkling wine ageing. Improves the fining, riddling and ageing processes and protects the structure of the base wine during fermentation.

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