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Wine Filtration


Wine filtration has been around for almost a century and is a popular method for improving the quality of wines. The process involves pumping wine through a wine filter made of cellulose pads or synthetic materials to remove any undesirable elements that can negatively affect the wine. This includes various yeasts, bacteria, proteins and even heavy metals that could otherwise spoil the taste and aroma of the final product.

Pre-filters, Diatomites, Perlites and filter pads, explore our full range of products for the best possible filtration that maintains the quality of your wines.

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Wine Filtering Processes

When it comes to filtering wine, there are generally three main processes involved:

  • Primary filtration involves filtering out most of the particles left over from the fermentation process. This is done shortly after ageing or racking is complete and involves using specially designed filter sheets coated with a kieselguhr powder.
  • Intermediate or fine filtration is the next process in filtering and helps to remove any fine or hazy particles left over from the previous process. A sheet or lens filter is used here to capture these particles as they flow.
  • Final or sterile filtration is the last process in filtering before it is bottled. This process requires specially designed materials to remove any remaining bacteria that can be found in various wines.

Benefits of Filtering

  • Filtering helps remove or at least minimise any materials in the wine that can affect the flavour, smell or look of the final product. Without filtering you may end up with a wine that tastes too bitter or appears too cloudy.
  • By using the filtering processes you can potentially speed up the clarification and stabilisation processes. This in turn allows you to use or sell the finished product much sooner than if left unfiltered.
  • Filtering your wine helps keep your product consistent, which allows it to have greater appeal when sold. It also allows you to create these products more efficiently, which means more quality products on the shelves.

Our Filtering Products

One of our popular filter products is Diatomyl. This is a filtration adjuvant made from diatomaceous earth, kieselguhr and infusorial earth. It is used for filtering musts, lees and more. It can be used for filtering wines as well as drinks, fruit juices and cheese brines.

We also have disgorging keys in an ergonomic shape for an easy grip when disgorging. By using this disgorging key you can limit wine loss by managing the speed of degassing. The key is made from solid stainless steel with a non-treated wooden handle for easy grip.

The Bottle Jar Store

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