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Oak & Barrel Products


Oak barrels have been used for storing wine, beer, and a wide range of alcohol products for thousands of years. The wood from these barrels infuses with their alcoholic contents, enhancing their flavour and aroma. Many microbreweries and home winemakers use oak barrels to produce those desired woody tones. However, not everyone has access to the space needed for large barrels.

The next best solution to create the scents and tastes of barrel-stored alcohol is with the addition of oak chips during the brewing process. At The Bottle Jar Store, we have a variety of oak chips for wine, beer, and the brewing of other alcoholic products. Please take a look at our oak chip products below to find out more.

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When Should I Use Oak for Homebrewing?

Although oak barrels have been used for storing beer for many years, not all beers are enhanced when infused with oak products. As a general rule, you wouldn’t use oak chips in beers or wines that have delicately balanced flavours.

When using oak chips for whiskey, beer, and other alcoholic products, most brewers use them to replicate older, darker types of beer. These include ales, stouts, porters, bitters, and IPAs. Oak is often used in making Scottish, English, and Belgian varieties of beer.

Are There Different Types of Oak Products?

There are three main types of oak used in brewing alcohol: American, French, and Hungarian. Each type of oak will produce differing flavours. French oak gives a subtle flavour with hints of vanilla, while American oak offers a strong, woody flavour. Hungarian oak tends to give more of a middle ground between these two flavours.

Another way oak can be used to enhance flavours is by charring or toasting the wood. This can add a caramelised flavour to your beer and bring out even stronger flavours and aromas.

How to Use Oak Products

There are three main methods for using oak chips to flavour beer:

  • Oak Aging: Perhaps one of the easiest ways to flavour beer, involves adding the chips after fermentation. The chips remain in the beer while it ages, adding flavour to the alcohol over time. This can take anywhere from a few days to a few months, depending on the type of oak used and the flavour desired.
  • Oak Tea: Boil the chips in water for 10 to 15 minutes to create an oak-infused tea. Once complete, add this tea to the beer until you achieve the desired flavour. This method is good for those who want to add extra flavour quickly.
  • Liquor Tea: Add the chips to a small amount of liquor and let it soak for a week. Afterwards, add the resulting tea to the beer until you achieve the desired flavour.

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