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Bottle Sealing Wax

Give your wine bottles that refined and professional look with our selection of bottle sealing wax. Not only does a wine bottle wax seal give your collection an elegant touch, but it also protects your wine from any contaminants or excess oxygen.

Our ultra premium wax wine seals are easy to apply and will peel off cleanly when used. Each 1 kg pack of wax can cover around 100 bottles and comes in a range of colours including rose, copper, silver and black.

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Benefits of Bottle Sealing Wax

  • Sealing wax creates an airtight seal over the cork that keeps out excess oxygen which could spoil your wine. In addition, it ensures that the cork remains firmly in place.
  • Without a wine bottle wax seal in place, dust and dirt can accumulate on the mouth of the bottle. But once sealed there is no risk of these contaminants getting inside the bottle itself.
  • In addition to keeping your wine free of contaminants, these seals can halt the ageing process. This is due to them preventing oxygen from getting in and commencing the ageing process.
  • Sealing wax enhances the appearance of your wine bottles. This is a bonus whether you are a collector or seller. You can even emboss the wax with your own logo.
  • When it comes time to open the bottle, the sealing wax will easily remove from the cork. You will find that the bottle underneath is clean and clear of any contaminants.


How to Apply Sealing Wax

  1. Use a heat-safe container to contain the molten wax. A deep dryer or stove pot are some containers that can be used.
  2. Heat the wax up to a temperature between 135 C to 150 C. Make sure to measure the temperature of the molten wax before applying it to the bottles.
  3. Hold one of the bottles upside down and dip the neck into the molten wax. Remove the bottle and keep it upside down to let the excess wax drip off.
  4. Once the excess wax has been removed from the bottle, turn the bottle upright. Repeat this process for the next bottle.