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Screw Caps

One of the best alternatives to the traditional cork for wine bottles is the cap screw. Screw caps can insulate wine better than corks, preventing the risk of cork taint which can spoil wine. They also work better at keeping oxygen out which can speed up the aging process.

Here at the Bottle Jar Store we have a wide variety of aluminium and plastic screw caps on offer. Choose from a range of sizes in colours such as gold, silver, and black.

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Benefits of Cap Screws

  • Screw caps are much better than traditional corks at keeping oxygen out of your wine bottle. Oxygen causes wine to degrade faster, so ensuring it has as much insulation as possible is paramount.
  • Aluminium cap screws are recyclable and reusable. You can reuse them for different crafts or recycle them for reuse in another way.
  • Plastic screw caps are easy to apply. You do not need any gears or extra strength to put them on, and taking them off is just as easy. Plus, there is no risk of them splintering and leaving wood fragments in your wine as with cork.
  • One of the biggest risks to corked wine bottles is cork taint. This is where the cork has become contaminated and gives the wine an unpleasant taste. As such, swing stoppers will prevent your wine from being spoiled in this way.
  • While cork is renewable, it is being used at a rate faster than it can grow back. Therefore, choosing screw caps will allow cork resources to grow back naturally.
  • Corks are an expensive product to produce, the cost of which is often passed onto the consumer. Therefore, screw caps will keep the cost down for both you and your customers.
  • While cork may have more prestige than screw caps, using a cheaper option has its own benefits. You can always lower the price for customers who are looking for a bargain. This can potentially lead to increased sales.
  • Overall, screw caps will keep your wine consistent no matter its age or where it came from. This makes it the perfect choice for those who want to guarantee the best quality wine every time.


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