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Vinolok Glass Bottle Stoppers

An excellent alternative to the old-fashioned wooden cork; glass bottle stoppers seal your bottles tight while offering a more luxurious look. Glass wine stoppers feature a tight seal that allows them to secure bottles as tightly as any other lid or cap.

Here at The Bottle Jar Store, we have a wide variety of wine stopper products on offer. Choose from either 17.5 mm, 18.5 mm or 21.5 mm glass stoppers in either high or low top style. Take a look at our selection below.

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Benefits of Glass Bottle Stoppers

• One of the most serious problems that can occur with natural or composite corked wine bottles is cork taint. This is where the cork becomes tainted, creating a foul taste in the wine. Using glass stoppers will prevent this spoilage and keep your wine tasting its best.

• Traditional corks are far less effective at keeping oxygen out of your wine bottle than glass stoppers, and wine degrades faster with this exposure. Using glass stoppers provides the best possible insulation for the wine.

• Glass stoppers are completely recyclable and reusable without any loss of quality. You can remelt them into other glass products when no longer needed.

• We make each glass stopper with simplicity and ease of use in mind. Not only do they successfully stop wine oxidation, but they also fit firmly in bottles without any effort on your part.

• The glass design of these wine stoppers gives a sleek and elegant look to your glass bottles. This makes them much more attractive to consumers or as part of your home collection.

• Glass stoppers help maintain the taste of wine when aged over time. They are neutral to the properties of wine, thus not altering their flavour or taste in any way.

• Cork is renewable, but it is being consumed at a faster pace than it can regenerate. As a result, using glass stoppers allows cork resources to regenerate organically.

• In addition to their scarcity, corks are a costly commodity to manufacture, and the expense is frequently passed on to the consumer. As a result, glass stoppers will save both you and your clients’ money.

The Bottle Jar Store

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