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Champagne Bottling Accessories

When it comes to champagnes and sparkling wines you need the best quality cap for your bottle. Look no further, for here at The Bottle Jar Store we have a wide range of champagne bottle stoppers suitable for your brewing needs.

Our selection of vacuum wine stoppers include champagne foils, cages and 29 mm crowns with optional bidules. All prosecco stopper selections come in gold and silver varieties. Please browse our selection of champagne bottle stoppers below.

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How to Make Sparkling Wine

  1. Choose around 20 litres of wine for your base.
  2. Use a bottle with a vacuum wine stopper and collect 750mL of the base wine. Close it tightly and refrigerate for later use.
  3. Collect 480mL of wine into a pitcher. Stir in 39g of sugar and 5tsp of yeast nutrient until dissolved.
  4. Pour 10g of wine yeast into warm water and let stand for 10 minutes.
  5. Add the sugar and yeast nutrient mixture into a carboy followed by the bubbling yeast mixture.
  6. Pour the rest of the base wine into the carboy, then stir and add a fermentation lock.
  7. Leave the base wine to ferment in a warm area for 24 hours.
  8. Once the base wine turns cloudy with yeast, wash and clean the bottles you plan to use.
  9. Remove the fermentation lock and stir the mixture well.
  10. Collect the base wine in each of the bottles then cap them.
  11. Store them in a cool and dry area for two months.
  12. Gently shake each bottle twice a week during this two month period, then leave them to stand upright undisturbed for an extra month.
  13. Once this period is over, carefully wash the bottles and freeze five of them.
  14. Create a mixture using 240mL vodka, 360mL wine conditioner, and the 750mL of the base wine you collected at the start.
  15. Add two tablespoons of this mixture to five unfrozen bottles. Chill these bottles in the freezer.
  16. Once chilled but not yet frozen, add the liquid contents of the five mixed bottles to the frozen unmixed bottles.
  17. Repeat the process for the rest of the bottles, cap them tightly with prosecco stoppers then leave them to thaw in a cool and dark place. As they thaw, gently swirl the bottles to mix the contents.
  18. Chill and serve each bottle when ready.

How to Store Sparking Wine and Champagne

  • Keep all your bottles away from direct light.
  • Keep your bottles in a cool and dry area. Make sure the temperature and humidity in the area remains constant.
  • For short term storage, you can stand bottles upright. If stored longer than a month, lay them on their side.
  • For long term storage, consider 1.5L magnums over standard 75cl bottles. Magnums allow the wine to mature even more and create a greater flow of bubbles. This results in a much better quality wine over several decades.
  • Use champagne bottle stoppers to ensure the contents remain uncontaminated and undisturbed for as long as possible.

The Bottle Jar Company

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