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Unique Jars

Are you looking for a storage solution brimming with character? Then our range of unique shaped bottles (such as our heart shaped bottle) are just what you’re after. Available in all kinds of sizes, we have a jar for every kind of occasion and every kind of project.

Our shaped jars have something for everyone. Spread some love with our heart-inspired designs, or, check out our tall bottles and mason jars for an easy-to-customise way to store preserves.

Our range of eye-catching designs are perfect for products, gifts and home crafts. So, whether you’re running a business, a keen home cook, or a craftsman, you can store the fruits of your labour in style.

Our unique bottle designs are a fun and cost-effective way to meet your storage needs. Give our full range a browse below.

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Unique Shaped Bottles for Crafts and Gifts

Are you after no-nonsense storage with plenty of craft potential? If so, our mason jars are a good pick. With a range of lids available elsewhere in our store, these spacious jars are sure to keep your preserves fresh. It’s also easy to add your own clear labels to the sides.

But that isn’t the end of the things you can do to make these jars your own. Mason jars are perfect for all kinds of craft projects: you can turn them into custom cups, a plant pot, even a charming set of lights. With twine and cloth, you can make your own decorative stoppers.

But if you’re looking to create some homemade candles, you might want to choose our candle making jars. Investing in candle making jars will give your homemade candles a professional finish – people won’t be able to believe you made them yourself.

Our collection of unique shaped jars wouldn’t be complete without mentioning our teddy bear and heart-shaped bottles. These cute glass designs are perfect for gift making. Whether you want to make a little gift for a romantic occasion or create some eye-catching wedding favours, our shaped bottles are perfect for the job. Our jars are great for storing sweets and treats.

Unique Jars to Make a Statement

Our unique jars have the power to make your cookery and crafts stand out. Our jars can help you bring a professional touch to your homemade wares, with plenty of space for labelling and unique branding. On the other hand, our jars and bottles are equally great for having fun with crafts. Whether you’re selling preserves or making gifts, our unique jars will help you do justice to your hard work.

Though there’s plenty of jars and bottles on display here, our full range covers much, much more. Across our site, you’ll find all kinds of large and miniature bottles and jars, as well as a selection of caps, lids and stoppers.

Be sure to browse the full range on offer at The Bottle Jar Store before embarking on your next project. Feel free to enquire online with any questions.