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Beer Bottle Tops

If you are in the business of brewing beer and ales then you will need the right beer bottle tops. Metal bottle tops are widely used for beers and carbonated drinks as they help preserve the quality of the beverage while also preventing any harmful leakages.

Here at The Bottle Jar Store we have a wide selection of beer caps in a variety of colours. All caps are available in either 26 mm or 29 mm sizes. Take a look at our selection of beer bottle tops below.

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Benefits of Beer Bottle Tops

  • Beer caps are easy to apply to bottles with the right tools. There are machines that can cap bottles quickly for mass production. However, if you are into home brewing then a crown capper hand tool will perform this task easily and efficiently.
  • Metal bottle tops ensure each bottle is fully sealed to prevent any gas or liquids from leaking. These help to preserve the quality of the drink and make sure it can be kept for much longer. In addition, they help preserve the carbonation of soft drinks and beer as well as aid in the fermentation of wine.
  • Not only are beer bottle tops useful for fermenting wine via traditional methods they also help in the disgorgement process. This helps ensure that the still wine in the bottle becomes sparkling once opened.
  • Unlike cork, crown tops are not prone to infections from fungi such as the honey fungus. Such infections are responsible for causing the wine to become corked which then spoils the smell and flavour.
  • Crown tops are secure and can prevent micro-oxygenation from occurring. This process can sometimes affect other nearby products causing them to deteriorate.
  • You can easily customise bottle tops to fit your own needs. You can add your own branding, print messages for competitions and more. In some cases what you print on a bottle cap can make them valuable collector items.

Other Uses For Beer Tops

Once you have finished with a bottle you can use the cap to make other products:

  • Melt wax and shape them within the caps to make small candles.
  • Punch a small hole in the cap and string beads through them to make earrings.
  • Lay them out and use them as tabletop decorations or as coasters.
  • Attach them to a metal fruit basket with some string to turn them into wind chimes.
  • Glue small magnets inside to turn them into miniature fridge magnets.
  • Paint numbers on each cap, then glue them to a canvas to create a homemade clock.
  • Use different coloured caps and attach them to a chain to make a necklace.
  • Arrange them on a canvas or mirror frame to create a unique art piece.

The Bottle Jar Store

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