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Square Glass Jars

Square Jars

At the Bottle Jar Store, we offer square glass jars for all your cooking and craft needs. Our unique square jars offer a change from a standard round jar. The distinctive, clean edges of our cube-shaped jars will look fantastic on any shelf. Their flat sides also make them simple to label and store.

Like our round jars, these square jars are great for storing food or other items. But as well as this, they are great for any crafts project.

Our square glass bottles are available in different sizes, and savings can be made on orders in larger quantities. Whether you’re a budding cook or craftsmen, The Bottle Jar Store has all you could need. Have a browse and buy glass jars online with us today!

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Square Glass Jars for Businesses and Hobbyists

Our square jars offer a clean and modern look perfect for any brand aiming for a contemporary look. Large flat sides will accommodate large labels for clear and crisp branding. The square sides of these jars make them easy to store and attractive when arranged.

For home cooks, square glass jars are just as good for storing your preserves, jellies and jams as round jars. They are also a great choice for pickling, as well as keeping sauces, dips and chutneys fresh. Finally, you could keep dry foods like nuts or sweets in them, perfect for people to pick at.

Of course, if you sell your home produce, a square glass jar is an attractive package for the fruits of your cooking. Alternatively, you might be looking for jars to create wedding favours. A square jar is an appealing way to present your favours to your guests.

For people fond of crafts, the potential of square glass bottles is endless. From soap dispensers to decorated drinks containers, you can make all sorts. You could make a candle holder or light, perfect for a bathroom. Or freshen up a room by turning a jar into a plant pot or incense holder.

Whether you’re distributing company goods, or creating home crafts, a square jar could be the perfect pick for you.

Buy Glass Jars Online with The Bottle Jar Store

Our square glass bottles come in 212ml and 314ml sizes, and accommodate deep lids. You can keep the same look for your products across different sizes. Of course, you could always mix up the colour of your lids. Also, you can find black and silver deep twist off lids elsewhere on our site.

Finally, be sure to browse our full site to see all our bottles, jars, lids and other products, all available in a fantastic range of shapes and sizes. You can buy glass jars with us online today, or if you have any enquiries, get in touch with us through social media, e-mail, or our site. We are always happy to help you find the right product!