The Art of Candle Making

Candles are one of the easiest and most satisfying pieces of home décor you can create yourself. Candle making is an extremely rewarding activity, allowing you to design home décor items that are attractive, practical and easy to customise. Making your own candle can save money, allow you to choose interesting ingredients, and is better for the environment than many store-bought brands. A homemade candle has a wide range of uses, from lighting in the event of a power blackout to ambient lighting to set the mood for a romantic evening. Best of all candle making is very easy, great as a hobby, to sell or for gift giving. Here is our guide to making your own candle at home. Ingredients A package of candle wax. A package of large candle wicks. A bottle of fragrance oil. Spatula. Heat-proof container. Double boiler pot. Thermometer. A pair of chopsticks or pencils. Making Your Own Candle Before you begin making your candle, ensure the surface you intend to work on is flat and clean. Lay down a protective covering such as newspaper if necessary and make sure your work surface is clear. Measure out the correct amount of wax you need to [...]