Small Alcohol Bottles

While small alcohol bottles might seem like a niche item to many, the truth is that you can do quite a lot with them. The most obvious use for these small bottles is creating spirits and liqueurs, but you can use them for other crafts as well. Flower holders, spice bottles and miniature lighting are just some uses for small bottles. So be inspired by some of the brilliant ways you can use small alcohol bottles in your home.

The fancy small bottle has an array of uses. If you’re a creative type and like to mix and match, colour coordinate or fulfil the urge to make everything perfect? We can give you an explosion of ideas to help you with your next project.

Eight Tasteful Occassions

  1. WEDDING DAY – Fancy flower jars, add your own cocktail or decorate with bunting
  2. BIRTHDAY SURPRISE – Add stickers to the bottle and fill it with colourful sweets
  3. CHRISTMAS SPECIAL – Infuse your own mulled wine, fill with a homely, warm scent
  4. EASTER – Just fill with small chocolate eggs or sticky sweats
  5. FATHERS DAY – Maybe a few drams?
  6. HALLOWEEN – Decorate the bottle as a pumpkin face and insert a small candle
  7. THANK YOU PRESENT – Ignite your creativity and reflect the bottle to match the occasion
  8. ANNIVERSARY – Here’s to another year of love, friendship and happiness, maybe fill with beautiful roses.

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Small Alcohol Bottles For Spirits And Liqueurs

A clear small alcohol bottle against a white background.

When it comes to small bottles, one of the most popular uses is alcohol storage. The basic process to make your own spirits goes as follows:

  1. Begin by adding sugar and yeast to water. The yeast will turn the sugary mixture into alcohol through a process called fermentation.
  2. Add the fermented mixture to a still and boil it so that the alcohol separates from the mixture. Remove and dispose of the mixture and collect the drinkable alcohol.
  3. Put the alcohol through a filtration unit so that it will remove any unwanted elements. This will also ensure carbon does not filter through into the finished product.
  4. Use a hydrometer to test the strength of your alcohol. If it is too strong, add water accordingly until you have reached the desired strength.
  5. Now that you have a base spirit you can use it to make one or more drinks. Use different mixes to create a range of spirit and liqueur flavours and store them in small bottles for later use.

Other Uses For Small Alcohol Bottles

Whether you are into making your own alcohol or not, you can use small bottles for a range of purposes:

  • Infuse spirits and liqueurs with pieces of fruit or fruit rinds. This will add a fruity kick to your alcohol that is perfect for summer parties.
  • Use empty bottles to store a range of herbs and spices. Keep any olive oil or sauces on hand, although make sure you relabel them first. You can even use them as salt and pepper shakers.
  • Carefully split the bottle in half to create custom shot glasses. Make sure to smooth down the edge of the glass first before you use it.
  • Create miniature vases for your plants and flowers. A perfect addition to any window shelf or breakfast tray.
  • Turn your small bottles into festive lights. Just drill a hole in the cap to fit the lights, connect the bottles, and turn it on.
  • Even if you don’t plan on drinking the spirits yourself, you can use your spirit and liqueur bottles for other purposes. Try using them in gift baskets or as competition prizes, or collect them for your minibar.

Your Bottle And Jar Ideas Start Here

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