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How Do You Decoupage Glass Jars

If you want to brighten up your plain jars and cups, why not consider decoupaging them? Decoupaging is a craft technique that glues decorative paper or fabric to a surface, and you can create a wide range of patterns and images when you make decoupage glass jars. In addition, they make a great decorative choice for gifts, display jars, or simply for home use. So, here is how you can make decoupage glass jars at home. Prepare the Jar Choose a jar that has plenty of surface for affixing images or patterns. The larger the surface, the easier it will be to apply. Wash the jar in warm, soapy water to remove any leftover labels and adhesives as well as any dirt and fingerprints. Use rubbing oil to remove any stubborn adhesive remnants. 3Leave the jar to fully dry. If there are any leftover odours, wash again in soapy water or vinegar. Prepare the Images Decide what pattern or image you want to put on your jar, as well as what material to use (wrapping paper, fabric, etc). Cut out the images to fit the jar. Measure them first to make sure they fit the surface space of the jar. [...]

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Brilliant Ways To Use Small Alcohol Bottles

While small alcohol bottles might seem like a niche item to many, the truth is that you can do quite a lot with them. The most obvious use for these small bottles is creating spirits and liqueurs, but you can use them for other crafts as well. Flower holders, spice bottles and miniature lighting are just some uses for small bottles. So be inspired by some of the brilliant ways you can use small alcohol bottles in your home. The fancy small bottle has an array of uses. If you're a creative type and like to mix and match, colour coordinate or fulfil the urge to make everything perfect? We can give you an explosion of ideas to help you with your next project. Eight Tasteful Occassions WEDDING DAY - Fancy flower jars, add your own cocktail or decorate with bunting BIRTHDAY SURPRISE - Add stickers to the bottle and fill it with colourful sweets CHRISTMAS SPECIAL - Infuse your own mulled wine, fill with a homely, warm scent EASTER - Just fill with small chocolate eggs or sticky sweats FATHERS DAY - Maybe a few drams? HALLOWEEN - Decorate the bottle as a pumpkin face and insert a small [...]

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Making Decorative Glass Bottles & Jars

Recycling bottles and jars is a great way to do some good for the planet. But having a sustainable mind doesn’t just mean putting them in the right bin. Why not bring out your creative side and turn your recyclables into some beautiful decorative glass containers? There are endless ways you can put decorative glass bottles or jars to use. You could create candle holders, soap holders, hanging lights, bottle lamps or flower vases. Whatever you want to make, this article will give you some pointers on how to clean, colour and decorate your bottles. How To Prepare And Perfect Decorative Glass Bottles & Jars Before decorating your bottles, you’ll want to make sure you have a good blank canvas to work with. So how do you prepare them? Firstly, peel off all the labels on the bottle Rinse the inside thoroughly with hot water and washing up liquid If the labels have left behind some paper or glue marks, use hot water and a scrubber to clear them away. Once you have cleaned the glass container, you can start thinking about what you can add. If you’d like to colour your glass bottle or jars, you can do it [...]

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