Decorated Wine Bottle with Lights

Creating decorated wine bottles with lights inside might seem like a daunting task at first. Yet it is possible to create decorated bottles with lights inside at home without much trouble. All you need is some spare recyclable materials plus some wine bottles, and you can make an attractive gift item. Here is our guide to making decorated bottles with lights inside.

How To Make Decorated Bottles With Lights Inside

To create decorated bottles with lights inside, you will need the following:

  • Empty wine bottles
  • LED lights with cable
  • Power drill with ceramic/glass cutting drill bits
  • Battery pack
  • Rubber grommets
  • Bowl/glass of water
  • Knife/scissors (optional)
  • Glue
  • Decorative items (stickers, glitter, etc.).

You can follow these instructions to complete your desired lighting effect:

  1. First, slowly drill a 10 mm hole into your wine bottle without applying too much pressure. Pause every few seconds to cool the drill bit in the water.
  2. Once you have drilled a hole in the bottle, wash out any shards of glass under a tap.
  3. Insert a rubber grommet into the hole to prevent the glass from chafing the cable. Reshape the grommet with a knife or scissors if it is too thick. Then, use glue to keep it in place.
  4. Feed the cable through the centre hole in the grommet and pull it out through the top of the bottle. Make sure one end of the cable is attached to a battery pack while the end hanging out of the top is attached to the LED lights.
  5. Feed the LED Lights back into the bottle and glue the top of the cable to the inside of the wine bottle lid before screwing it back in place.
  6. Seal up the battery pack and attach it to the side of the bottle before turning it on.
  7. Once you are sure the lights are working correctly, you can decorate your bottle any way you like by attaching stickers, applying glitter to the bottle, etc.

Decorated Wine Bottle with Lights

Other Ideas For Decorated Bottles With Lights Inside

Using LED lights for decorative ideas can create a warm and inviting space. Many pubs, clubs, wine bars and restaurants are repurposing bottles to help create an electric ambience.

Homeowners are also opening their creative flair and lighting up the garden in the summer months. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to jazz up the cold conservatory, add some magic to the summerhouse or wow your friends with a warm glowing pergola.

We have created our top four bottle lighting effect examples.

  • Bottle Torch – Use a copper top plate connecter, wood screws, cap, fuel and wick and you can turn your bottle into an outdoor torch.
  • Bottle Chandelier – Gather at least a dozen empty wine bottles. Attach them to a ring and chains and place lighting at the centre.
  • Bottle Citronella Candles – with copper coupling and tubing, Teflon tape, a torch wick, a bag of marbles and citronella torch fuel you can have an outdoor torch that will keep insects away.
  • Hanging Bottle Lights – If you have a dozen bottles lying around, turn them into decorated bottles with lights inside as above and hang them individually from the ceiling.

LED bottle lights for pubs or gardens

In addition, you can dress up your wine bottles with lights by adding mosaics, messages, hand-painted designs, glass beads and more.

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