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How do you make a bottle lamp? It depends on the type of lamp you have in mind. One option is to insert a string of fairy lights to create an illuminated display. LED fairy lights can be purchased from a wide range of online outlets at an affordable price. Most are battery-operated and have an On/Off switch to enable the battery to last longer. The warm glow from the glass bottle offers a tranquil and vibrant atmosphere to any awaiting room. If you have an empty spirit, wine or beverage bottle? You can simply pop in the lights and turn them on.

Some high-end spirit bottles can look beautiful and offer a different feel for each room. Coloured gin bottles will offer a different glow when compared to a flint vodka bottle. Things to consider for your next lighting project:

  • The colour of the bottle
  • Shape
  • Size of the bottle
  • The feel of the final light – vintage, classic, sophisticated, or clean effect
  • The colour of the LED lights – warm, white or blue.

bottle lamp with LEDs

Another is to cut the base off a bottle and place it over a candle. However, today we’re going to concentrate on how to make a bottle lamp with a light bulb.

1. What You’ll Need

The key element you’ll need is an attractive glass bottle. Here at The Bottle Jar Store, we have a range of bottles for every kind of use, including lamps.

First, you’ll need a stopper with a hole through it and a length of the threaded metal tube. If you’re not using a kit, you’ll also need a glass drill bit and a rubber grommet. Last but not least, you’ll need a switched socket unit for your light bulb and some two-core lamp cable. (If you want a brass socket, you’ll need three core cable that includes an earth wire).

2. Fitting The Cable

Using gentle pressure, drill a hole where you want your cable to come out. (Protective eyewear and some means of holding the bottle steady are advisable). Using glue to secure it in place, insert the rubber grommet into the drilled hole. Feed the cable through the hole and out of the neck of the bottle.

Insert the threaded tube into the bottle stopper, leaving about 1/4 inch showing above it. Feed the cable through the tube. Secure the stopper in the neck of your bottle, and you’ve almost learned how to make a bottle lamp.

3. Attaching The Socket

The socket unit may come with instructions, but if not, there’s plenty of guidance online. Make sure you follow the directions carefully to avoid any mishaps.

Once you’ve connected the wires to the terminals, re-attach the cover. You can then screw the socket unit onto the end of the threaded tube that’s protruding from your stopper. Fix a plug with a 5 amp fuse to the other end of your cable, and voilà! You know how to make a bottle lamp.

4. Shade Or Bare Bulb?

There was a time when lampshades were de rigueur, but that’s no longer the case. Nowadays, retro Edison-style light bulbs have become increasingly popular in household and commercial lighting fixtures.

If you prefer a shade, then that’s your own take on how to make a decorative bottle lamp. Attach it to the socket unit in the usual way. For a more contemporary industrial look, a bare bulb may be a better option. Once you’ve fitted the bulb (and shade if applicable), simply plug in, switch on and chill out.

luxury bottle lamp

Discover The Bottle Jar Store

Bottle lamps provide an attractive and decorative source of light and are perfect to make as gifts for friends. Perhaps, now you know how to make a bottle lamp, you could even start your own cottage industry and sell them.

Whatever kind of bottles you need, you’ll find them at The Bottle Jar Store. Browse our products online, or contact us today for more information or helpful advice.

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