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Bottle decoration has become a hugely popular craft in recent years. It’s great for the environment, too, as it’s created a new purpose for all those unwanted glass bottles. The concept of decorative wine bottles isn’t new; we’ve been sticking seashells to bottle containers and turning them into lamps for donkey’s years. But new ideas and materials have brought the craft glittering into the 21st century.

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empty bottle ideas

Let’s read further into other creative ideas on exciting things you can do with glass bottles.

Light in a bottle

What we used to call fairy lights have come a long way in recent times. New products like microwire string lights have opened up fresh opportunities for crafters. If you’re planning to put lights inside your creations, clear glass bottles are ideal. Some old fashioned glitter and a string of microlights will turn a plain bottle into a thing of beauty. They make fantastic gifts and can be decorated in a theme to suit the person receiving them.

light in a bottle

Painted bottles

The only boundary is your imagination when it comes to decorative spirit or wine bottles. Paint can be used on bottle decoration in several exciting ways. For example, spray paint used either alone or with a stencil can create stunning effects. Make sure you have enough space to work in, and if you can do it outside, even better. So why not try dipping the neck of a bottle in paint, then standing it up and letting it drip. It creates an enchanting echo of those candle-in-a-bottle days.



No exploration of glass bottle art ideas would be complete without mentioning decoupage. The possibilities of this paste-on technique are endless, from old maps to floral cut-outs. Once you’ve chosen your images, glue them to the bottle using a PVA adhesive or similar product. Once dry, put another coat of PVA on top. You can add additional decorative touches using paint, such as a gold leaf. The finished effect is delightful and can be themed for birthdays, weddings or seasonal events. Imagine what you could create for Halloween!

painted bottle ideas

The Candle Effect

Candles create a warm, romantic gesture and fill the air with the elegant aroma of vintage wax. If the glass bottleneck is large enough, you can place tea lights into the base and devise a therapeutic atmosphere. Tall slim candles can also be placed in the neck of some bottles. However, it is recommended that a plate be used to catch the dripping wax. Here are our top five homely bottle candle placement ideas:

  1. Table placement in the dining room for a dinner party
  2. Add a few around the conservatory to bring in a little warmth
  3. Place in the summerhouse on those lost, cold winter evenings
  4. Spot around the garden for a romantic evening
  5. Add plenty of bottle candles around the bathroom before a long soak.

bottles with candles

Flowers & Cuttings

Bottles provide a stylish effect for single flowers, cuttings and trimmings. You can jazz up a room, bring life into the kitchen or bring a smile to any table with flourishes of green, pinks and vibrant yellows. It’s easy and perfect for children to get involved. Start with what is available in your garden; even wildflowers can capture the essence of the outside world.

flowers in a bottle

Message In A Bottle

Decorating a bottle with twine, thin rope around the neck and a cork to finish can make your bottle look stunning. So why not add a little sand inside the bottle, write a love note or any desired message and lock it away for a special occasion. The message in the bottle can look stylish around the home and be used as an ornament. Would you like to leave a message? Here are some ideas for your story:

  • The perfect holiday
  • A vivid dream
  • Your first memory
  • A love poem
  • Secrets
  • A clue to hidden treasure
  • Map
  • Your children’s names
  • A message that only you can make sense of.

message in a bottle

Luxury Dispensing Bottles

Some bottles are finished with a screw cap neck, allowing alternative fittings. If you can find a lotion dispensing pump that can be matched up to the bottle neck size; you might be able to create a luxury, glass dispensing set for your bathroom, kitchen or utility room. Most importantly, remember to keep the dispensing straw and cut it to the same height as the bottle.

glass bottles with dispensing pumps

Using accessories

Bottle decoration isn’t all about paint and paste. The way you accessorise your bottles can make a massive difference to the finished item. Like wrapping the perfect parcel, colour coordinated ribbons can bring your organic creations to life. The use of hessian, rope or lengths of coarse string can bring a charming rustic look to your bottles. So why not add a little lace to a bottle with some soft white lights inside for a lovely wedding centrepiece.
For the best results, let your creativity be your guide. And if you don’t have access to the bottles you want, The Bottle Jar Store is here to help. So we have a vast range available, so for more information or friendly advice, why not get in touch.

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