We can all think of glass jar decorating ideas, and they are a great way to repurpose empty jars. We already know that glass jars and bottles are the perfect way to store oils, sauces, and dried food items. But there are so many other ways you can use sweet jars and mason jars around your home. Even kitchen cannisters can make beautiful decorative gifts. If you want to make a little extra cash, you can even market your creations online.

The team here at The Bottle Jar Store have been specialists in the supply of glass containers since 2011. From jam jars to glass bottles, we are experts in our field. Read on to discover some of the exciting things you can do with glass jars.

Glass Jar Decorating Ideas

Decorating glass for pleasure or profit+

Glass is a wonderful material, for several reasons. It is sustainably made and fully recyclable, so it is good for the planet and incredibly versatile. It can be used to store pretty much anything, from food items to pretty buttons. With just a little creativity, however, glass storage jars can be turned into something really special.

Glass paint is a great ingredient for glass jar decorating ideas. Mixed with a little imagination it can turn ordinary sweet jars into works of art. Make pots for pencils with your children’s names on them. Create colourful candle holders and lanterns for your garden. You can easily create decorative holders for fresh or dried flowers. Not only do they look stunning, but you have the satisfaction of knowing you did it yourself.

If you really want your jars and kitchen cannisters to sparkle, it is easy. We have all used glue and glitter on home-made Christmas cards. Why not simply transfer that method to glass. Decorate your creations with glass jewels or other sparkly items to really bring them to life. Take inspiration from the things you see in high-end gift shops. Then market your own for a fraction of the price. The only limit on your creativity is your own imagination.

Practical uses for jars

Glass jar decorating ideas may not be your thing. The good news is, there are countless practical uses for glass jars. They are perfect for storing food, whether to store dried items or home-made chutneys. Some plastic containers can affect the flavour of what’s inside, but not glass. It is tough, rigid, and safe.

You can also use glass in the bathroom to store anything from cotton wool to bath crystals. A glass jar full of seashells can also be an attractive addition to your bathroom shelves. For other rooms in your home, larger jars are a great way to store games, jigsaws, and small toys. Go with the seasons, and decorate your living room in autumn with jars of pine cones or pretty dried leaves.

If you’re looking for sweet jars, or any type of glass container, you’ve come to the right place. At The Bottle Jar Store we offer a huge range of glass jars and bottles for every kind of use. See our selection online or contact us for information or advice.

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