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A reed diffuser is a wonderful way to fill your indoor space with alluring scents and aromas, without the risk that open flames pose. Many reed diffusers available on the market come with a hefty price tag. However, there is a simple way to make a good quality homemade reed diffuser that works just as well as any store-bought one. Here is our guide to making your own homemade reed diffuser.


Materials Needed

To make your own reed diffuser, you will need the following:

  • A bottle with a narrow opening to slow down evaporation, such as our Cubic Diffuser Bottle with Silver Lid.
  • Mineral oil such as almond oil or safflower oil. This will form the base fluid for your diffuser.
  • Essential oils for fragrance. Make sure your oils are pet safe before usage.
  • Diffuser reeds are made from bamboo or rattan.


Making Your Homemade Reed Diffuser

  1. Pour the mineral oil into your decorative glass bottle in half-cup increments.
  2. Add between 30 and 50 drops of essential oils for each half cup of mineral oil into the glass.
  3. Stir the oils to mix them in thoroughly.
  4. Insert between five and eight diffuser reeds in the bottle. Flip each stick after an hour once the end is half saturated.
  5. To increase the scent, keep flipping the reeds at least once a week and replace the oil mixture monthly.


Benefits of Reed Diffusers

  • Unlike scented candles, there is no flame or heat involved with reed diffusers. This makes them a much safer alternative in the home.
  • Incense and candles require you to keep lighting them whenever you need to use them. Reed diffusers last all day and night, and only need changing around once a week.
  • Incense burners create smoke which can be unpleasant and unhealthy. Reed diffusers achieve the same purpose without creating any smoky by-products.
  • Both candles and incense burners make a mess, whether it be wax or ash. Reed diffusers are a much cleaner alternative to both.
  • Sprayed scents carry unwanted and sometimes harmful chemicals. Reed diffusers are free of all such aerosols.
  • Unlike electric or battery-powered diffusers, reed diffusers can be used anywhere and at any time without the need for external power.
  • Plugin fragrance diffusers often heat the ingredients, which can damage the oil inside. Reed diffusers require no heating, so the ingredients are protected.


Ideas for Seasonal Diffuser Blends

  • Autumn – As the weather gets cooler, use juniper berry, balsam, cardamom, cedarwood, and cinnamon essential oils for a cosy atmosphere.
  • Winter – Warm up the home with a mix of juniper berry, spruce, patchouli, douglas fir, and cedarwood essential oils.
  • Spring – Create a fresh floral mix of lavender, citrus, geranium, jasmine, and cedarwood essential oils.
  • Summer – Give your home a sense of life and warmth with a combination of lavender, bergamot, magnolia, and lemon essential oils.


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