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Too many people end up throwing their glass bottles away when they are finished using them, however, there is no need to waste this good quality glass since you can reuse them in a number of ways. So, here is our guide to some creative glass bottle ideas for craft enthusiasts.

Homemade Decorations

Apply some paint, Epsom salts and glue, and you can turn your old bottle into a piece of homemade décor. Just follow these steps:

  1. Have an empty bottle ready with any labels removed.
  2. Paint your bottles in any colour you choose. Aim for two coats to avoid streaking.
  3. Once the paint has dried, apply crafting glue to your bottles.
  4. Pour Epsom salts onto some paper and roll the bottles over the salts.
  5. Add branches, candles, or other decorative items to your new homemade decorative bottle.

Oil Lamps

This simple idea turns your old bottles into homemade tiki torches. To achieve this, follow these steps:

  1. Fill an empty bottle with crafting pebbles up to a third of the way full.
  2. Insert a tiki refill wick into a brass coupling of size 3/8” or 1/4”.
  3. Fill the rest of the bottle with tiki fuel.
  4. Insert the coupling with wick into the bottle.
  5. Light the wick.

Bird Feeder

Turn your empty bottles into a wooden feeder that filters out seeds bit by bit. Do the following:

  1. Find an empty bottle. The more colourful and eye-catching the bottle, the more likely it will be to attract birds.
  2. Construct a normal bird feeder around the size of the bottle.
  3. Once the feeder housing is completed, mount the bottle upside down and hold it in place with wire. Use washers and screws to ensure the bottle is held tight.
  4. Secure an L shaped hook at the bottom of the feeder, positioned so the hook lip is under the tip of the bottle.
  5. Fill the bottle with birdseed using a funnel and place it back in its holdings. The seed will come out slowly as the birds feed on it.

Spray Bottles

While plastic can leech harmful chemicals, glass bottles can handle a range of sprays. Try the following:

  1. Find an empty glass bottle with a grooved mouth for screw-on caps. Bottles for mineral water, vinegar and beverages are best for this.
  2. Remove the nozzle from your plastic spray bottle and apply it to the glass bottle.
  3. Pour in the cleaning product and use.

Storage Canisters

One of the simplest and most convenient uses for old bottles is for storage purposes. Do the following:

  1. Find an empty, unlabelled bottle and clean it thoroughly.
  2. Place tape above and below the section where you want the new label to go.
  3. Apply two thin coats of chalkboard paint to the bottle.
  4. Remove the tape and clean the edges with a razor blade or knife.
  5. Fill the bottle with the product you wish to store (sweets, rice, dried pasta, etc).
  6. Use chalk to write a label on the chalkboard paint. This can be washed off easily if you decide to use the bottle for something else.

The Bottle Jar Store

There are plenty of creative glass bottle ideas for you to try out at home. To find out more about our fine range of shaped bottles, jars and other products, we invite you to get in touch with us today.

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