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Glass jars are an essential in the kitchen. But you can use a glass jar for much more than just preserving jams. The potential of glass jar crafts is endless; so, there’s no reason to neglect the jars in your cupboard. With a little design and decoration, you can turn humble jam jars into lights, candle holders, ornaments and more. From storage to decoration, there’s bound to be a craft idea to suit you. Whether making them for yourself, gifting them or selling them, your glass jar masterpieces will bring delight. Here are just a handful of glass jar decoration ideas to inspire your next craft project.

Glass Jar Decoration Ideas

We most often use glass jars for storing things; and there’s no reason why your glass jar crafts can’t be put to the same use. But rather than storing preserves, simple modifications can make them more particular. Combined with a lid and some careful cutting, you could turn a jam jar into a soap dispenser or a toothbrush holder. Both of these will add bags of charm to a bathroom.

When having a bath, you might want some relaxing candles. This is where jam jar lights can help. Glass jars make great candle holders. With additional decorations you can change the colour and mood of the light itself. Alternatively, you could work with dedicated diffusers or glass candle jars. These jars are perfect for anyone who loves making fragrances and scented candles.

Perhaps for the lighting you have in mind, electric LEDs might be more suitable. The brightness of LEDs will let light travel through the thickest decoration. This is perfect if you want to make decorative lights for an occasion like Halloween or Christmas, where the kids might pile on the craft materials.

Finally, it’s very popular to use glass jars as drinking cups. But you could go the extra mile by adding a straw hole or spout into the lid. Also, this would be a great time to bring to your jar your own painting ideas. You could personalise your drinking jar with etchings or paints.

Glass Jar Crafts

Bottles and Glass Jars for all kinds of Crafts

These are just some of the many glass jar crafts possible at home. Whether working with jam jars, or more specialised bottles, glass jar crafts are a great way to get everyone involved. And thanks to The Bottle Jar Store’s wide range of bottles and jars, you won’t have to struggle to find the right container for your next project.

Give The Bottle Jar Store’s full range a browse to get your creative ideas flowing. From glass candle jars and perfume dispensers, to beer bottles and jam jars, you’ll find all kinds of classic glassware on offer. All of these products are just a click away, so why not order your home craft supplies with us today.

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