A small transparent bottle decorated with multicolour lace trim and fabric

Bottles make a great gift idea, especially if you have filled them with your own homemade wine, jam, or reed diffuser. A decorated bottle can be an excellent way to enhance the look of your gift. Not only can they make gifts look even more special, but they can also be kept as a keepsake or reused. Here are a few of our ideas for wine bottle decorations.

Lace Trim Bottles

For a touch of elegance, add some lace-trim fabric to your bottle. This makes for a great centrepiece at social gatherings and weddings. Simply wrap the fabric around the bottle, secure the ends with glue, and cut it to the length and shape you prefer. You can enhance the look even further by adding white paint to the inside and creating a streaky effect on your decorated bottle.

Glitter Wine Bottle Decorations

Give your bottle a sparkly makeover with some gold and silver glitter. Scrub your bottle with sandpaper, then get some paper, lay out your glitter mix, spray adhesive onto the bottle, and roll it over the glitter until completely covered. Do this until your bottle is completely covered in eye-catching glitter. Add a Wine Bottle Stopper to finish.

Painted Bottles

Another simple but effective way to create glass bottle decorations is to give them a makeover with paint. First, spray paint the bottles with white paint and let them dry. Next, choose an acrylic paint in a colour of your choosing and paint the tops and bottoms of each bottle. This gives them a classy effect that will look good as a vase or centrepiece.

Chalkboard Bottles

Adding writing to your bottles offers many possibilities. You can use them for table numbering, advertising or simply for inspirational messages and well-wishes to friends. Spray the bottle with chalk paint spray and let it dry. Then, write your message on the bottle using a liquid chalk pen, or simply old-fashioned chalk.

Pendant Decorated Bottles

Cover your bottle with colourful glass gems to create a unique decoration. Sand the outside of your bottle, then add a small amount of glue to the area above the bottom rim. Place your first glass gem and hold it in place until the glue takes a firm grip. Repeat this process for the rest of the bottle up to the neck. Once done, you can use the bottle as a lamp, candle holder or decorative centrepiece.

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