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Clarification agent based on vegetal proteins (patatins).

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Clarification agent based on vegetal proteins (patatins).

VEGEFINE® is a 100% vegetal proteins (patatins) formulation. Thanks to the physico-chemical characteristics of these proteins, VEGEFINE® ensures effective fining of musts and wines, also allowing very good compaction of solids and lees. With its non-allergenic formulation, suitable for Organic winemaking (European regulations (EC) 834/2007 and (EC) 889/2008), VEGEFINE® is very easy to use and can replace traditional fining agents of animal origin.

VEGEFINE® is used:

✓ On musts: elimination of oxidised or oxidisable phenolic compounds and resulting in a small quantity of lees after sedimentation.
✓ On wines (red, white and rosé): strong clarification capacity, rapid sedimentation rate, stabilisation of colouring matter and elimination of astringent tannins from red wines.

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